Luxury living in the world top cities

Luxury Living In The Worlds Top Cities


The world has seen an increase in the number of millionaires in the past decade.  In the past such wealth wealth were usually enjoyed from power, influence,  inheritance, or fame. But since the dot com boom, there has been a surge in the number of younger millionaires who are entrepreneurs of online businesses. According to the Economist, entrepreneurs that come up with new business ideas can make it big.  All this wealth has now created an arena for the rich to compete in.  Whether it is luxury apartments, fast cars, speed boats, condos there is no shortage of rich to purchase such high priced luxury goods or high priced courtesans, from very high end companionship agencies, if you see some of the girls like these in this agency gallery you know your wealth is getting you the very best


In the recent media, we read about how the Russians are buying up parts of Chelsea, the Chinese have cornered a part of London and even the india has its eyes on some top luxury apartments. A person looking for a property can user a local estate agent such as Knight Frank and if they needed a more personal service, they can replay on a concierge service in London.  Most who desire service can user Quintessentially which is international and has branches in New York and London.  But if a person who wants more personal service they can usually find a concierge company that has good connections abroad, such as greek concierge. Part of luxury living includes hospitality and entertainment, so the services can be extended to include chauffeur, personal escort or a female glamour girl to provide some companionship.


When in comes to buying luxury apartments or mansions, there are no shortage of buyers whether we are talking about London, Paris or Dubai. The worlds very wealthiest people live in Hong Kong’s, New York and London.   Even with a turbulent economy, there has been no slow down in the number of people becoming rich.  In 2011 there were more than 180,000 people with net assets more than $30 million dollars, and over the next 10 years this figure is expected to increase by 50%.  Asia performed well in luxury residential property sales and even outperformed top European cities.   Apart from property the rich are spending money in  philanthropic activities which combines wealthy investors charitable activities with business.  There is also rising interest in investment  passion such as arts, fine wines and classic arts. For now London and New york remain the top destination for super rich to spend on luxury living, which includes more than just property and goes beyond entertainment to personal gratification of hiring beautiful travel companions to escort them while they are travelling to a nice place.

The Sugardaddy Is A Rich Man’s Pursuit

The Sugar-daddy Is A Rich Man’s Pursuit


Sugardaddie website Review

Sugardaddie Website Review for sugar daddies For more than a decade the sugardaddi website has been a niche dating website that caters for wealthy individuals that earn more than £80,000, which includes many earners in the city  of London that are in the higher income bracket. Many of the girls on the site however are elite international escorts, whilst the vast majority of the clients are business executives and the more extremely rich individuals who can afford to live in luxury apartments in the best parts of major cities including Paris, Frankfurt and Munich.

This dating niche also caters well for millionaires that regularly travel international for business or pleasure and need high class companions.  The website does not sell on price, but on benefits and services of young models that spoil their man on the dinner or travel date. Members who seek high quality dating can use sugadaddie to find beautiful girls from almost any occasion as there are a huge numbers of glamour ladies advertised on the website.  The successful men can expect the best looking and the most attractive women.

The female companions expect the man to be successful in life; such individuals are in the ‘business or investor’ categories’ of cash flow quadrant. Many of its members including VIP membership holders are from Dubai, Paris, and Berlin and they prefer a mixture of relationship choices, which can be strictly sugadaddie babe or not strictly sugadaddie babe relationships.  Members of the site must be over 21 years old, which is a norm for many high class dating and international escort websites. The website is featured with many exclusive babes Russian, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries, but if the sugadaddie user has any other tastes, there are many sexy girls from around almost any country in the world and that can be found using the advance search gallery.

If you have already tried Miss Travel for luxury travel companionship or another travel escort websites, and need to find a wider choice of glamour girls then you can register for free on a niche dating website and try a blonde or brunette sugar babe that is just right for the occasion.

Why Guys Love Women Water Polo Players

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US Olympic girls water polo players


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Guy water polo players celebrating


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Luxury Travel Arrangements For Call Girls In Dubai

Luxury Travel With Call Girls London To Dubai


Luxury Travel Arrangements for escorts

According to the Forbes, the super-rich are spending $4 billion dollars on adventure travel. Unlike the normal business executive, who travel by first-class airline services, the travel arrangements of the super rich may include stepping out of a limousine to stepping onto a private jet that takes them to a destination of their choice whilst they are enjoying a glass of Champaign and some Belgium chocolates and the company of a beautiful elite escorts from London to Dubai on their private jet.  These travellers prefer the best hotels whether, in London Paris or New York.  They would expect to stay at the Intercontinental, Four Seasons or the Mandarin Oriental, and they prefer to enjoy most expensive suites for comfort and relaxation.

The super-rich like to travel in such style, especially if they are trying to impress a female high class travel companion.  To ensure that everything goes smoothly they spend even more money on luxury concierge services offered by top by a small niche of specialists or top 5 start hotels.  The hotel concierge service is ready to accept the guest with an eight-course gourmet dinner prepared in a private dining room by a Michelin starred master chef.  The concierge service provider can help make a luxury travel arrangement more adventurous by offering the finest vendors in the industry in the most spectacular locations for lavish suites, large shopping binges and tasty dinners of haute cuisines as part of the package.

An international traveller that places trust in a reputable luxury concierge company can rely on their expertise to design a beautiful program that reflects personal style and touch to give the ultimate luxury travel experience.  To spice up the trip users of top concierge services can request for personal arrangements whether, it’s a VIP Russian glamour model in London or a travel escort for international service to Brussels or Sharma-el-sheik.

People, who can afford such services save time, but enjoy comfort from the start to the end of their journey.  Living luxury nowadays isn’t just for the royalties or the ultra elite, but also for a handful of rich people that believe in luxury lifestyle stress free living.  If you have not tried this lifestyle, you may want to try the Elite Travel International, a Virtuoso Member and a specialist in the Art of travel.  This Los-Angeles based company has recently been reviewed on the Forbes for making arrangements for wealthy travellers from Silicon Valley and Hollywood.